Drone Art from Heaven: Collection of Must-See Pictures

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I've always loved my job and today I decided to share this collection of awesome drone pictures. Our world looks a lot different from above and thanks to the unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, also known as drones even ordinary people can make great pictures of the earth from above.

The geography of drones shows that UK has become the largest importer of drones in the world, now receiving over a third of global deliveries, according to The Guardian and Israel is the largest exporter.

So do you have wall art pictures taken from above?

 Image credit: @lance_asper


 Image credit: @aaronburden


Image credit: @invisiblepower


 Image credit: @gaddafirusli


Image credit: @arstyy 


 Image credit: @invisiblepower


Image credit: @rodlong 


 Image credit: @seguratravelphotography

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