Map projection that shows our love for the planet

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I must admit that as a geographer I had to learn a lot about map projections and their usage when I was a student. Well, I didn't loved them at all...

But now as I decided to share my maps and satellites passion and to create product designes, the Bonne projection was the first thing that came into my mind.

It is a pseudoconical equal-area map projection, which means that parallels of latitude are visualized as concentric circular arcs and the meridians are forming beautiful curves.

So, the ideas started coming into my head. First, I looked up the internet for free and commercial usable datasets - world oceans, continents, rivers... Then I started testing color combinations and several hours after that the designs were ready!

I decided to group several types of color palettes:

Fall-is-comming in orange and yellow:

One that reminds me of my home town - a cherry-apple-colored map of the world:

And, of course, blue and green design:

 After these products were ready it was time for adding more cartographic taste - design that contains only the shape of the continents and lat/ long lines:

After one day I decided to add several designs that remind me of Africa. The green and yellow one is below:

Don't forget to check out my designs made from satellite images:


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