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If you're a frequent traveller, digital nomad or just a busy workaholic travelling the world I doubt that you have not experienced troubles connecting to the internet. It could be really painful if you need to kill some time waiting for the flight. There are many resources you can use in such a situation, ofcourse it's better to be prepared and to have them opened/ installed on your device before going into the wild. Some of the maps listed below have an offline version, so you have to check what options the solution that fit your needs most has.

When I travel I keep opened some of these in my telephone's browser just in case, so if I need information about the WiFi network or password I can easily check and connect.

We're living in a globalized world and travelling while working OR working while travelling becoms more and more popular. So having such a crucial data about WiFi networks and passwords could save you time, money and anger.

WiFi Map

A mobile app that has more than 100 million WiFis available worldwide. It is available for Android and iOS. It has great crowdsourced resources for all over the world.

Free WiFi Map

It is a website AND a mobile app that helps people find WiFi networks, passwords and hotspots. It is again crowdsourced and has information gathered from its own users. Another great example of the idea of Sharing Economy, right?


Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World - a Google Map

It is a simple and updated regularly map created in Google Maps. Currently it has more than 300 airports worldwide and their WiFi networks + passwords. It was featured in some of the most famous media around the world. At the moment of writing this I can see that it was opened 41,313,806 times!



Please feel free to comment if you know some other great resources on that topic :)

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