October From Space - Amazing Mosaic Of Colors

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October is here and autumn in the northern hemisphere is transforming everything green into a mosaic of yellow-orange-red tones. In many other regions of the planet the landscapes are quite different. Enjoy my selection of the most beautiful satellite images showing our planet this month.

We can enjoy these images thanks to the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2 satellites.

1. Pixels of land near Elk City, Oklahoma, USA

2. Desert meets agriculture near  Colombia river, Washington, USA

 3. Waves of clouds are covering Great Britain

 4. The famous volcano Mount St. Helens in the USA is still in green

5. The frozen land around Anadir river in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia


6. River Brahmaputra and Dibru Saikhowa National Park, India

7. River Ob meets river Irtish in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia

8. Irtish river closeup - beautiful curves in autumn colors

 9. Carteret island, South Pacific Ocean where blue is the main color the whole year

10. Ayakkum Lake, Bayingol, Xinjiang, China

11. The colorful Dalmatian coast, Croatia

12. The Great Barrier Reef in 50 shades of blue

13. Several seasons in one image - Himalayas

14. Fluffy clouds cover Akimiski Island in the southern part of the Hudson bay

15. Red! Red! Red!
In the middle of nowhere - Australia


16. А few minutes after an airplane flew from the airport of Varna, Bulgaria. Can you see it?

17. Closeup of the flying airplane. As the satellite and the airplane are both in motion you can see these strange effects while observing Earth from space.

18. Icebergs like salt near the shores of Greenland

19. The frozen waters near Adélie Land, Antarctica

20. Agricultural circles in Oklahoma, USA

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