Several Stupid Simple Selling Tricks

No matter what your job is, you have to sell. For example I sell my skills and knowledge to my employer. Every morning I have to sell the breakfast to my son - I'm telling him how good it is for his health and that he'll become stronger if he eats it.

Every person on that planet has different roles that he/she performs every day. I'm mother, wife, educator, blogger... and all those people that I serve are my clients. And that's just part of my own, personal business model. That's why selling is important not only for Account Managers in big companies, but for everybody.

Don't invest in work, invest in your NETwork

Building networks is very, very important. If you know many people, then many people know you. Good places to start are:

  • Chamber of Commerce in your area - attend their events, workshops, seminars
  • Events organised by magazines or newspapers in your niche
  • Business clubs or NGOs
  • Courses or other educational activities
  • Public organizations
  • Cultural events - theatre, opera, ballet
  • Charity activities
  • Facebook groups

Actually I have met the most important people for my business in such places. I'm member of several associations - of geographers, of cartographers, etc, both in my country and in Europe. I took part in two workshops at European Space Agency latelly and I met amazing people there. Today with some of them I'm working with.

Build a brand

Think about how easily people distinguish you from the crowd? Is there something unique in you that you use to build your brand?

Brand building is a long process that includes many elements: your style, your home, your work, your social networking profiles, what you post there, what comments you write, what pictures you upload ...

To understand what distinguishes you from the crowd, you can start with a few questions that you can ask your close friends, such as:

How would you describe me in one word?

If you have to point me on the street, what would you say (for example, "the girl with curly hair")?

Something I want to share from my personal experience, which can be particularly helpful in building personal brand, are the wishes that other people make about your birthday. Find the posts on your Facebook wall, the Messenger messages or the SMS that you received for your birthday. If they say "be inspiring and successful", that's what you look like in their eyes.

Building a brand is very important for you to be identified and distinguished from competition, both personally and in business. How can this help you sell more? The strong brand gives you better position than your competitors. It is a tool to build confidence in yourself, and it leads to more loyal customers.

Be personal

Personal attitude is very important in customer service. Knowing the person well can be the key to a successful sale. No one would want to waste time with products and services that are not interesting to him, so knowing who to sell is saving a lot of headaches.
Being personal in online business is a hard work. Here are some tips for digital entrepreneurs:

  • Don't just spam your clients with more and more offers, after you make a sell wait for several days and ask them if they like your product. Try to make them write to you and share their opinion - it's precious like gold!
  • Invest in little real-life presents for your most loyal customers. Send them little gifts for their birthday, they will be amazed. 20% off from your product list is not OK for gift, I hope you understand what I mean.

Aggressive commercial behavior has always pushed me off. I can't sell aggressively. Over the years, I've been wondering what this thing is that makes people buy from me. I've found that my clients know that I am sincere and always trying to help them solve their problems.


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