When degrees are NOT as important as they were

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We live in a dynamic world and more and more often it is hard to believe all the changes around us really happen. Although education is one of the most conservative areas anywhere in the world, we have seen major changes in it in the last decades, mostly related to the introduction of new technologies.

Today, there is no need of spending thousands dollars and going to the other side of the globe just to get a diploma from a university, college or other prestigious educational institution. There are unlimited resources for both formal and informal education on the web.

As I have studied in the University for almost 6 years and after that spent 5 more years on my PhD, which I finished only year and a half ago... I must admit that after finishing my education I had to update my knowledge and skills. If I had not taken online courses, watched YouTube Videos or participated in numerous webinars I would have been totally out of the game.

In my career so far I had participated in HR selection processes many times. So what should I do when a person who wants to take a technical position in the field of GIS/Remote Sensing and has not participated in any courses or events other than those taken at the University, no mater which one he graduated? I'm sure that you know the answer.

Some of my favorite web learning resources include:

 Study during all your career, despite the lack of time or other obstacles and you will move ahead with the best in indistry.

What is your favorite online educational resource? Share in the comments!

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